A Partnership

Thank you for your interest in the curriculum of Jakarta International School.

We are pleased to share our curriculum with you so that you can better understand the knowledge, skills and dispositions we intend your children to develop while they are students at JIS. We sincerely hope, that by sharing these outcomes, we can build trusting partnerships with parents and engage in more meaningful conversations about student learning and achievement. Along with expert teaching and strong home/school partnership, the curriculum plays a critical role in the quality of the school experience and the degree of preparedness of our students. Both broad and challenging, the curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all JIS Learners.

Ours is a standards based education

Students acquire knowledge, practice skills, build enduring understandings and develop ‘the Essential Qualities of JIS learners' one learning experience at a time.

The curriculum framework published at JIS guides each of our learners at every grade level toward our desired outcomes and essential qualities. It identifies, for everyone, the important and developmentally appropriate building blocks along the way.

Our curriculum is organized around overarching ‘standards' or goals and includes ‘benchmarks' for student learning. The standards provide a school wide [early childhood through grade 12] focus on our graduation outcomes, while the benchmarks establish grade level expectations for student learning that include knowledge and skill indicators.

Focus on Understanding

The fabric of the curriculum resides in units of learning. These units weave the essential qualities and standards into engaging learning to deepen students' understanding. Our model espouses the constructivist approach [understanding comes from the application of knowledge to new situations] and inquiry learning [asking questions and searching for answers], bringing authenticity and contextual richness to learning and encouraging transfer beyond the classroom.

Continuous Improvement

The curriculum is dynamic and responsive and continually being improved while maintaining the highest international standards.

Contact learning@jisedu.or.id for further enquiries.

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